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grip-tek is an iso / ts quality certified premier rubber extruder / manufacturer offering epdm and nitrile-pvc, materials commonly used in grip applications. grip-tek offers what most of the competition envies;, the ability to extrude rubber tubing and grind, all in-house. this gives our customers the advantage and benefit of a quality part at a competitive price. grip-tek has also pioneered specialty grips including a grip-tape and the grip-wrap with a multitude of uses. combining the pride we take in our customer service and the advantages of manufacturing, grip-tek has become a quality and proven supplier for thousands of customers.

grip-tek's contoured hand grips are ground epdm or npvc tubing, and provide for better grip and comfort. our contoured foam hand grips come in a variety of sizes, shapes and densities.

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grip-tek also pioneered specialty grips which include grip tape, grip wrap and grip cover. all made from epdm or npvc and offer a multitude of uses.

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