Specialty Grips, Foam Handle Grips and Grip Wrap Tape for Handles by Grip-Tek




Grip Covers
Slip on grip covers provides a soft comfortable secure grip. Get relief from the irritation, discomfort and pain caused by hard rubber hand grips.

Grip Wraps from Grip-Tek
foam tubing
Grip Covers from Grip-Tek
Grip Tape from Grip-Tek

Grip Wrap
You don't have to slide these grips on tool handles. A hook and loop closure secures them anywhere on the handle. Loop strip has an adhesive backing so you can attach it to handle and then wrap hook strip around it. Grips will not rotate once they're in place.  Made of closed-cell vinyl foam for a soft, textured grip. Foam resists oil and insulates from heat and cold. Furnished with a foam insert for extra cushioning. Temp. range is -20° to +150°  F. Color is black.

Grip Tape
Wrap these around handles to create a nonslip, grippable surface. Simply cut to length. All come with finishing tape to fasten ends.Peel and Stick Adhesive-Backed Foam- Made of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and EPDM. Temperature range is -20° to +150°  F.

custom colors, sizes, and printing available on request. Contact you grip-tek sales agent at 888-345-2226 for a quote.

NPVC foam has excellent vibration dampening qualities and good weathering capabilities.

Low Density NPVC Foam
Extremely soft and flexible. Great for buffed grips or foam tubes. Thinner buffed grips functions well on many low priced consumer applications.

Medium Density NPVC Foam
The perfect combination of softness and durability. It is commonly used on a wide variety of applications.

High Density NPVC Foam
Harder and more durable. Used on many commercial grade products and industrial items.



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