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Grip Wrap easily slips over your current hard plastic grips. With it's thin walls and insulative features, it provides comfort from a hard grip and protection from heated grips.

Grip Cover is an EPDM buffed foam tubing available in 3 sizes. 

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When you’re riding your motorcycle in the fast lane on a nice day, or exploring a quiet forest trail on your bike in the coolness of fall, your handlebars might not be the thing at the forefront of your mind. But give it long enough, and an uncomfortable handlebar or hand grip will become frustrating and even painful, if it begins to cause blisters.

Prevent your biking experiences from becoming uncomfortable to your hands: use Grip-Tek’s EPDM buffed foam grip covers.

Grip Cover Uses

Foam grip covers like these are typically used for things like:

  • • Covering uncomfortable plastic handlebars on bicycles and motorcycles
  • • Reducing vibration discomfort on motorcycles
  • • Cushioning fitness equipment grips, such as jump rope handles or hand grips
  • • Preventing hand harm from heated handlebars
Grip Cover easily slips over your current hard plastic grips, no matter what the application is. Grip-Tek’s proprietary designs and manufacturing methods give these foam covers thin walls and insulative features, as well as a comfortable shape to hold onto.


Find your foam grip today!

If you’re searching for the perfect handlebar cover or foam grip cover, shop GripTek’s products today! Grip-Tek foam handles are simple to use and perfect for keeping your hands comfortable and safe when they need it most.

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