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Grip Wrap is a complete wrap-around foam grip system available in 3 diameter sizes to fit bars ranging from 1/2" diameter to 1 3/8" diameter and 2 length options, 4.25" and 21.75".

Why Grip-Tek Grip Wrap?

Manufactured of NPVC medium density foam rubber, Grip Wrap is an excellent choice as a new or replacement grip. Our grip wraps are soft and supportive for your hands, making them ideal for exercise equipment, house appliances, strollers, walkers, and lawn and garden tools. Our grips are made to reduce handle vibration during intense activities, and they can eliminate blisters caused by rough surfaces. Our grips are oil, gasoline, and heat resistant, but are not recommended for severe weathering conditions.

Need a short length of foam grip wrap for your personal applications? While we sell foam wrap in long lengths here, we have it available in 21.75” pieces on Amazon. The length of foam grip wrap can be cut down to fit whatever handle you need to cover, such as RV or home railings, exercise equipment handles, bicycle handlebars, gardening tools, and more.




 Grip Wrap is available for purchase on 


(fits bar size
.500 inch to .750 inch)

(fits bar size
.750 inch to 1.062 inch)

(fits bar size
1.062 inch to 1.375 inch)













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