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Grip-Tek | A Trim-Lok Company

Finding the perfect Grip-Tek hand grip solution was easy; installation is even easier.

We want to make sure your installation goes as smoothly as possible, so we have easy-to-follow guides for each product. Check out all installation instructions below, and feel free to contact us for further assistance!

Clean Your Product

The best way to make sure your grip lasts a long time is properly cleaning it beforehand. Before applying your tubing or grip, clean the area thoroughly to remove any dust or debris. Grip-Tek recommends cleaning with a clean rag and a solvent of 1 part isopropyl alcohol and 1 part water.

Product Installation Instructions

Tubing and Grip Installation
Grip Wrap Installation
RV Grip Wrap Installation
Grip Tape Installation



Tubing and Grip Installation

Grip-Tek recommends using compressed air to properly install tubing. Using compressed air is the fastest, simplest way to install any length of rubber tubing and grips (particularly lengths longer than 4.25”). This method will not damage the foam.

Step 1: On your compressed air blow gun, install a rubber tip nozzle or reach tip nozzle.
Step 2: Insert your chosen nozzle into the tubing or grip. Push air into the tube or grip, and slide the grip onto the bar.

Note: For production lines, use PVC tubing and use a quick release air line fitting for insertion to your blow gun. Directing compressed air into the open end of the tubing is a fast way to install grips.

tubing and grip installation instructions


Foam Tubing and Hand Grip Resources

Download our Tubing and Grip Compressed Air Installation Instructions

Purchase or learn more about our foam tubing and hand grips.



Grip Wrap Installation Demonstration

Using Grip-Tek’s grip wrap is easy! See how quickly you can clean, measure, and install your grip wrap products with this demonstration.

RV Grip Wrap Installation Instructions

Grip-Tek’s foam handles are the perfect solution for replacing or adding a grip to your RV assist handle. See how easy installation is with Grip-Tek’s video demonstration.

Grip Wrap Resources

Purchase or learn more about how our grip wraps can be the perfect addition to your railings, exercise equipment, home appliances, walkers, and more!



Grip Tape Installation Video

Our Grip Tape is an easy way to refresh the grip and handles of things from athletic items and exercise equipment to automobile and ladder handles. Watch how easy installation of Grip Tape can be!

Grip Tape Resources

Purchase or learn more about how our grip tape can add a comfortable, non-slip grip to your tennis rackets, bike handles, tools, and more!