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Grip-Tek Company History

Grip-Tek | A Trim-Lok Company

Located in Buena Park, California, Grip-Tek and Trim-Lok, Inc. have over fifty years of combined experience in providing sales, service, design, tooling and production of EPDM and NPVC foam rubber tubing and grips.

Grip-Tek's large inventory of foam rubber tubing and grips allows rapid response time no matter what your requirements happen to be. With a wide variety of material formulations and color options, Grip-Tek can provide an unparalleled selection of custom parts for almost any design, engineering, prototype, or tooling application.

From complex fitness equipment to simple garden tools, one factor remains the same - the tubing or grip you choose will serve as the main point of contact between your product and your potential customer.  Grip-Tek's customer service, innovative designs, and timely delivery ensure that contact will be a positive one!