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Style D7

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Foam Tubing with Buffed Skin, Contoured "Style D7" Profile and Radius End Cuts

Available in EPDM or NPVC foam with buffed surface and radius end cuts to provide a better grip.

If you are interested in purchasing, or for more information on Style D7, please call us at 888-345-2226 or find a sales representative near you!

Grip-Tek’s buffed foam hand grips are a simple way to use foam tubing to make your handles more comfortable, no matter what those handles are attached to. The D7 style of hand grip features a cylindrical shape with a tapered contour shape, designed to help keep your hands secure on the handle.

What are advantages to using a buffed foam handle?

Do you use anything that has an uncomfortable plastic or metal handle? Bikes, hand tools, exercise equipment – these are made for specific functions, and that function does not always favor hand comfort. To combat any discomfort from repeated use of these uncomfortable grips, you can simply add a Grip-Tek buffed foam hand grip.

A buffed foam grip will let your hands hang onto any handle easily, while making sure that your hands remain comfortable during prolonged use. The D7’s shape gives a space for your thumbs to rest and grip tight, making this a great ergonomic solution for bicycles and motorcycles in particular. We also have other shapes of foam tubing, so you can pick the contours that work best for your hands.

Benefits of Grip-Tek’s Buffed Comfort Foam Grips

Grip-Tek’s engineers have created grips that have many comfortability benefits. These foam grips:

  • • Make riding a bike or motorcycle comfortable – from reduction of vibration discomfort to ease of holding onto the handles during longer excursions
  • • Cushion the handles of any number of items – Grip-Tek customers have used these handles on exercise equipment and industrial machinery to ease discomfort
  • • Let you take modifying your handles into your own hands – these grips are easily installed and maintained

Find your foam grip handle covers today

Grip-Tek is your solution for finding comfortable gripping solutions. These handles are simple to use and perfect for any application you might have.

If you’re interested in the D7 contoured hand grip, please call us at 888-345-2226. For more options, explore the rest of our foam grip options here!

How to Install Grips & Tubing

Grips and Tubing can be tricky to install, but using compressed air or rubbing alcohol can make it a breeze!  Watch our How To video for instructions to make your installation easier!


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