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Style D11

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Buffed Foam Tubing with Straight End Cuts and Notches

Available in EPDM or NPVC foam with a buffed surface, vertical notches and straight end cuts to provide a better grip on applications such as:
  • • Bikes
  • • Motorcycles
  • • Lawn and garden equipment
  • • Chainsaws and other tools
  • • Exercise equipment

If you are interested in purchasing, or for more information on Style D11, please call us at 888-345-2226 or find a sales representative near you!

Buffed, ribbed foam grips provide a better, stronger grip when you need a new grip or have to replace an old one. Our foam grips are used for so many applications because they:

  • • improve the overall look of any application
  • • are resistant to ozone, weathering, aging, and other extreme elements
  • • reduce handle vibration
  • • prevent blisters caused by rough surfaces
If you are interested in purchasing, or would like more information on our Style D11 buffed, ribbed handlebar grips, please call us at 888-345-2226 or contact a sales representative today!

How to Install Grips & Tubing

Grips and Tubing can be tricky to install, but using compressed air or rubbing alcohol can make it a breeze!  Watch our How To video for instructions to make your installation easier!


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